How much hop?

MikeHMikeH Member Posts: 67

I've just made a micro-brew of 5l with Coopers light malt extract and a 25g Cascade hop teabag. It's really nice and I want to make a full 23l brew in the future of this, using a full can of CLME. One thing I'm not sure about is how much hop to use. I want to hop the Sh*t out of this brew, really into a BIG hop flavour right now. Have liked Brew Dog Punk IPA for a long time and had some Hip-Hop-Otomous the other day (if you haven't had it go to Aldi now and buy a bottle it's rather good). I want to brew something like that. Razorback IPA is sensational and want to create my own big hop beer. Any pointers on how much hop to use for a massive balls-out hop flavour would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Mike...


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