Norfolk Nog stopped fermenting?

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Hi Guys, apologies if this is a repeat of a previous thread somewhere.

My Woodforde's Norfolk Nog brew has been in the FV since the 3rd of December (9 days total now). Initially it was bubbling away quite nicely and there was a constant pressure which made the lid gently bulge, the temperature was a constant 18degs. Anyway since the weather has cooled off over the past 4 or 5 days or so the brew temperature dropped to 15degs and it appears to have stopped fermenting. I have checked the SG on three occasions now and it is 1018 each time.

I've now got a heater for the brew and have managed to get the temperature up to 20degs but there seems to be no real evidence of fermentation, except for there being a very very small amount of pressure beneath the FV lid (but not enough to force the bubbler to bubble).

Have I lost this brew, how can I get it fermenting again?

Any/All suggestions would be appreciated :)


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    You could add more yeast or stir a bit of the sediment up (make sure too keep everything sterile), on the instructions how long does it recommend you leave it for in primary fermentation? Has it been at 18c for the 9 days? And lastkt, is there already a good layer of sediment on the bottom?

    The reason I ask these is that it might already be done?
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    Hi Budforce, thanks for the reply.

    The instructions suggest primary fermentation should be complete in 4-6 days!

    It was 18degs C for the first 4 days or say, then dropped to 15. I'm assuming there is a decent layer of sediment at the bottom although I haven't dug down there to confirm this.
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    You got the semi clear plastic type of fermentation vessel?

    You can normally see through the side of the plastic rather then opening it if so. At the bottom you might see a layer of white, about 1cm maybe (maybe less) 8mm or something, depends on the kit.

    Seems this to be one of those fast kits, and particularly as you have described bubbling away nicely, and the lid buldging means if defiantely was fermenting away nicely.

    I reckon you'd probably be ok to crack on and bottle or keg it, backed up by the fact you got stable readongs on your hydrometer.

    Good luck, but sounds like everything is ok mate.
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    If the temperature is on the low side then this will really slow the fermentation down, if you can warm it up this will help, as Budforce says give it a stir and keep it warm, it will then finish off the last bit of fermentation if needed. If bottling just be sure it has completed fermentation, if in doubt give it another couple of days to be sure
  • AdznKiAdznKi Member Posts: 8
    I've pitched some gervin yeast in it, and got the temperature up to around 21 degs now. I'll just let it do its thing now for a good few days. Smells amazing tho each time I've taken a sample to check! Thanks for your advice guys, very much appreciated!!
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