Brewferm Fermentation & Clarification

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I'm slightly confused ????
I am now going to start a brewferm diabolo .
In the instructions it says ferment for approx 10 days .
The next step is clarification , transfer to another container before it is fully fermented and store for 1 to 2 weeks before bottling ? but this is optional !

My query is ,
Firstly is it worth doing , if its optional .
Secondly , if i did do it , is it 10 days + 1 to 2 weeks before bottling or does it mean , transfer before the 10 days is up and then 1 to 2 weeks ?
I thought the second fermentation was in the keg or bottles ? when you add the priming sugar .

I watched the video on brewferms website and they miss this step .


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    The idea is that you wait until primary fermentation is done then instead of either then bottling/keg (or in other words the vessel the finished product will be in, you put in an interim vessel for day or two before bottling/keg.

    The reason for doing this is that a lot more of the sediment will settle in the interim vessel rather than going in to your final product, and therefore get less sediment in your bottles.

    Personally I don't think its worth it. OK you will get a slightly more professional fi ish on the beer, especially if bottling but there are drawbacks.

    Firstly its another stage, so more work, more having to keep a whole other stages worth of equipment sterile and therefore another stage where contamination could occur. Also secondary fermentation will take much longer with much less yeast to help carbonate, lastly you can avoid most of the sediment simply by keeping the bottles upright, looting the beer slowly and just leaving that last little bit in the bottle with the sediment at the bottom.

    The only thing that I would say is that if you are ever thinking about commercially brewing this is probably a necessity, as your average Joe probably wouldn't understand why sediment was in the bottle and think the beer was off or strange, or more likely poor it all day n a have floaty bits in the glass.
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