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Hi Guys,

I am a total newbie to home brewing so please forgive my naive question, also this is my first post on here, so Hello everyone!!!

I completed my first home brew recently, which was a Muntons Gold Continental Pilsner. The kit was straight forward enough and I am extremely happy with the result. The beer looks fantastic and retains a good head all the way down the pint and tastes great too (I understand this isn't everyones cuppa)!!! The only thing that is bugging me is the amount of sediment/particles at the bottom of each bottle.

So my question, is it advisable to syphon the brew from the fermenting bucket to a bottling bucket but strain the brew from the syphon using a sterilised cotton filter stretched and secured across the top of the bottling bucket to separate all the sediment from the brew.

I have since bottled a second brew using a bottling bucket (with a little bottler) but without any form of filter, the sediment is greatly reduced but there is still some covering the bottom of each bottle. I am just concerned that by using a filter it will remove all of the goodness that is supposed to be in the brew for the second fermentation while in the bottles?

Thanks guys, your advice would be appreciated and sorry for waffling on so much!


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    Welcome, it's great to hear the brew turned out so great, sediment is an issue for the home brewer as we can't use the same techniques the mass producers use, although you could argue home brew tastes better especially as you have made it yourself and know exactly what is in it! Whilst it wont affect the taste and is more the appearance, there are things you can do to reduce and even almost eliminate sediment, just bear in mind you do need some yeast left suspended in the brew to create the carbonation and work with the priming sugar/drops you add to each bottle, reducing this will often increase carbonation times. Here is a link to a few different things you can do, we like the second vessel with the little bottler technique ourselves:

    Let us know what you think and how you get on
  • AdznKiAdznKi Member Posts: 8
    thanks for the reply. I had already made my mind up but just thought it worth asking as it was a suggestion to me. My second brew is looking great in the bottles, perfectly clear with only a slight sediment coating on the bottom of each bottom. Looking forward to trying this one.
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